HPCLatAm 2009
Papers presented during the Symposium

The list of accepted papers includes:

  • Migrating multiespectral image processing to the GPU. Juan Pablo D'Amato, Paula Tristan, Fernando Mayorano, Jose María Massa and Aldo Rubiales. PDF
  • Fluid simulation with Lattice Boltzmann Methods implemented on GPUs using CUDA. Pablo Rinaldi, Marcelo Vénere, Alejandro Clausse and Enzo Dari. PDF
  • Clover: Efficient Monitoring of HPC Clusters. Damián Montaldo, Esteban Mocskos and Diego Fernández Slezak. PDF
  • Algoritmos conservadores para simuladores achatados DEVS y Cell-DEVS. Shafagh Jafer, Gabriel Wainer, Matías Bonaventura and Rodrigo Castro. PDF
  • El impacto de la arquitectura de red en el diseño de algoritmos para clusters: el caso de multiplicación de matrices sobre Infiniband. Gustavo Wolfmann and Fernando Tinetti. PDF
  • Just-in-Time Gridification of Compiled Java Applications. Cristian Mateos, Alejandro Zunino, Marcelo Campo and Nicolás Gómez. PDF
  • Evaluation of the performance of the PlayStation 3 for image processing. Nicolás Narria and Per Bjarne Bro. PDF
  • Web Experiment Manager: On the Distinctive Features Useful in an Application for Experiment Management. Matías Alberto Gavinowich. PDF
  • Uncertainty Reduction Method Based on Distributed Computing Applied to Forest Fire Prediction. Germán Bianchini, Ana Cortés, Tomàs Margalef and Emilio Luque. PDF
  • Monitoring, Analysis and Tuning Environment: Classification, Intrusion and Overhead. Paola Guadalupe Caymes Scutari, Anna Morajko, Tomàs Margalef and Emilio Luque. PDF
  • Sync/Async Web Search Engines modelled with TCPN. Veronica Gil Costa and Marcela Printista. PDF
  • Parallelization strategies on a genetic algorithm for network traffic anomaly detection. Carlos Catania and Carlos García Garino. PDF
  • A Constraint Optimization based Scheduler for Distributed Computing Workflows. David Monge and Carlos García Garino. PDF

Presentations of ongoing work:

  • Sequences Design Applied to RNA Viruses Using Distributed Computing. Daniel Oliva Bianco, Pablo Jorge, Daniel Gutson, Roberto Daniel Rabinovich. PDF
  • Design and Implementation of a Framework for Small Distributed Applications. Guillermo Biset, Marcelo Arroyo, Daniel Gutson. PDF
  • On-line Load Balancing Strategy based on Hardware Performance Counters. PDF
  • HPC on Playstation 3? Daniel Rosquete, José Pérez,Daniel Futrillé and Germán Larrazábal. PDF